WETACA: Nourish your body, take care of what matters to you
Until the 4/30/23

Nourish your body, take care of what matters to you

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Eat well without spending all day cooking! Not enough hours in your day? Don't panic! Let Wetaca cook for you.

Receive your tupperwares of food every week, whenever and wherever you are. Choose from over 40 dishes every Thursday. Subscribe and you'll have your order made up based on your own tastes. You literally won't even need to cook an egg ever again! Cancel whenever you want, no obligation.

Get your discount:

  • Code 1: €20 off your first subscription order or €12 off your first non-subscription order.
  • Code 2: 4% off your subsequent orders.

important If you subscribe through this promotion, you will get 4% discount on all your purchases.

To get your discounts, click on the "Buy online" button and copy the code you want to use (just copy the text after "Code 1" or "Code 2").

 ticket-restaurant In addition, you can pay with Edenred, Sodexo and Cheque Gourmet restaurant tickets

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WETACA makes it easy for people to eat well all week with minimal effort. How? Their chefs cook tuppers in an artisanal way and without additives that they send in a weekly delivery at home or to the office. They offer a menu of 30 different tuppers every week at a price of 5-6€ on average and a minimum order of 22€. [1 tupper = 1 meal]

WETACA customer support:
Telephone: 910 37 97 23
Email: info@wetaca.com
Ha funcionado correctamente
Ha funcionado correctamente
Ha costado descubrir cómo poner el código
La semana pasada hice un pedido pensando que el código de descuento estaba incluido pero, tras hacer el pedido, comprobé que no se había aplicado. Hoy he hecho un nuevo pedido y me ha costado bastante aplicarlo. Gracias
Jose Manuel
Compro frecuentemente en Wetaca, y va genial esta oferta.
todo ok
canjeado el cupon de 20 euros!